Association of Pharmaceutical Medicine (Singapore) (or APMS) By‐laws

MISSION The mission of the Association of Pharmaceutical Medicine (Singapore) or APMS is to promote Pharmaceutical Medicine by enhancing the knowledge, expertise and skills of pharmaceutical physicians, scientists and professionals in Singapore, thus leading to the availability and appropriate use of medicines for the benefit of patients and the society.


1.1 The Association is named: Association of Pharmaceutical Medicine, (Singapore), abbreviated to APMS


2.1. To act as a local forum of physicians, scientists and professionals involved in Pharmaceutical Medicine by dealing with matters brought to its attention by its members, regulatory bodies, pharmaceutical, medical device and biotech companies, contract research organizations, central labs, academic authorities, international organizations and by giving assistance where appropriate.

2.2. To foster the development of Pharmaceutical Medicine such that it is recognized as a separate medical specialty with its specific body of knowledge and distinctive fields of professional responsibilities. Pharmaceutical Medicine is a medical scientific discipline concerned with the discovery, development, evaluation, registration, monitoring and medical aspects of marketing medicines for the benefit of patients and public health.

2.3. To foster the development of training and continuing educational programs in pharmaceutical medicine. To assist local organisations in developing such programs, in ensuring that they are of a proper standard and that their content is harmonized with existing programs.

2.4. To promote a closer relationship and understanding between the members and the medical and allied professions, regulatory authorities and international organizations.

2.5. To disseminate information on developments in Pharmaceutical Medicine to health physicians in Singapore.

2.6. To organize local conferences on Pharmaceutical Medicine and to arrange any other meetings as deemed necessary.


3.1. Membership will be open to

· Medical doctors working in healthcare industry

· OR those with Life Science Degrees (BSc+) working in Medical Affairs (including pharmacovigilance, regulatory, clinical operations, etc...) in pharmaceutical and medical device companies

· AND currently residing or employed in Singapore

3.2. Individuals wishing to apply for membership to APMS should submit an application form with a copy of their CV to the Secretary or upload to the APMS website

3.3. The Executive Committee will examine the application form, the CV and recommendation of the applicants and verify whether their membership criteria and their aims and objectives are compatible with those of APMS. The result of this examination will be communicated directly to the applicant.

3.4. The Executive Committee will approve or refuse the admittance of new members.

3.5. The General Members Meeting may decide on the discontinuation of membership of a particular member following a proposal of the Executive Committee.

3.6. A member wishing to dissociate from APMS has to inform the President in writing of their plan.


4.1. The Executive Committee is composed of five Officers. The Executive Committee is free to select additional non‐voting members for specific tasks for the duration of the mandate of the Executive Committee.

4.2. Officers are elected by and from the members.

4.3. Members of the Executive Committee are elected for a term of two years.

4.4. Each member of the Executive Committee is requested to fulfil a precise task for APMS.

4.5. The Executive Committee may establish Working Parties for specific purposes. These Working Parties will report on their activities and achievements to the Executive Committee.


5.1. The Officers of APMS are: ‐ the President; ‐ the Immediate‐Past‐President; ‐ the Vice President; ‐ the Treasurer; ‐ the Secretary.

5.2. When need arises, Deputy Officers for the positions of Treasurer and Secretary may be appointed among members by the Executive Committee.


6.1. The Executive Committee will meet as often as necessary and no less than twice a year to handle the affairs of the Association.

6.2. The quorum for an Executive Committee Meeting will be four members including at least three Officers.

6.3. Decisions will be taken by simple majority. In the event of an equal number of votes being cast for and against a motion, the President, or in his /her absence the Vice President shall have a deciding vote.


7.1. The General Members Meeting will be composed of all registered members. Each Member must be a Pharmaceutical Professional. The name of the attending member must be communicated in writing to the Secretary at least four days before each General Members Meeting.

7.2. The General Members Meeting will be organized by the Executive Committee at least annually. Members will be informed at least a month before the scheduled meeting dates.

7.3. Decisions will be taken by simple majority. In the event of an equal number of votes being cast for and against a motion, the President, or in his/her absence the President‐Elect, shall have the casting vote.


8.1. Elections of Members of the Executive Committee (Officers) will take place every two years at a time designated by the Executive Committee, either in person or by electronic voting. Candidates for the Executive Committee must be Members for at least one year.

8.2. The President and the Vice President are elected for one term (of two years) and are not re‐eligible for the same position. The President will automatically become the Immediate‐Past‐ President. Other Officers are re‐eligible for two terms of two years each and any further extensions will be determined by an exception granted through an unanimous vote of the Executive committee.

8.3. Only members who have satisfied membership requirements including payment of their membership fees have the right to vote and/or become a member of the Executive Committee.

8.4. Candidacy for each position on the Executive Committee must be communicated to the Secretary at least four weeks prior to the election.

8.5. If the need for a replacement arises between elections, it will be effected according to the following: the President will be replaced by the Vice President, the Vice President, Treasurer or Secretary will be replaced by another member of the Executive Committee elected among its members.

8.6. Any Member of the Executive Committee may be removed from his/her position by the decision of two thirds of the Members of this Committee. Any Member of the Executive Committee who did not attend three consecutive meetings should be considered as resigning from his/her position.


9.1. The Association is a non‐profit making organization.

9.2. Each member will pay an annual fee as set by the Executive Committee.

9.3. Members who omit to pay their annual membership fee, after two reminders by the Treasurer, will be considered as resigning from their membership. Membership can be reinstated by decision of the Executive Committee.

9.4. The Association may obtain additional income from other sources such as meetings, grants, sponsorships and publications.


10.1. The Treasurer will keep proper records of the Association accounts and transactions. He/she will issue payments as agreed by the Executive Committee.

10.2. The Executive Committee will appoint auditors annually to inspect the Association’s accounts.

10.3. The Treasurer will claim and collect annual dues of the members.

10.4 The Treasurer is responsible for taxation commitments of the association.


11.1. The Secretary will prepare agendas of the Association’s Executive Committee or other meetings and circulate them electronically at least two weeks in advance to the appropriate attendees.

11.2. The Secretary will keep a record of transactions/minutes of all General Members Meetings and all Executive Committee meetings/teleconferences and circulate these electronically among members.

11.3. The Secretary will keep and update records on members.


12.1. The Executive Committee must approve all publications which appear in print or in electronic media under the name of APMS.


13.1. The General Members Meeting shall have the right to change the Constitution.

13.2. Constitutional changes will require a two‐thirds majority of the General Members Meeting voting either in person or in writing.

13.3. Members must be given at least three months’ notice of the constitutional amendments proposed by the Executive Committee.

13.4. Members wishing to propose a constitutional amendment must notify the Secretary in order that the procedure laid down in 13.3 can be observed.


14.1. The Association may only be dissolved by an unanimous decision of the members.

14.2. In the event of the decision to dissolve the Association being taken, any remaining funds of the Association will be donated to one or more medical charities nominated by the General Members Meeting.