The awards are being given to recognise and celebrate the demonstration of strategic leadership and cross functional partnership by medical affairs teams, to drive value with a focus on improving patient outcomes current member of the APMS can submit a nomination for any of the award categories listed. Self submission or on behalf of a team is allowed.

The 5 submission categories are:

A - Field Medical Impact on Patient Care

B - Evidence generation to address Asian patients' needs

C - Digital excellence to improve patient outcomes

D - Innovation in Medical Affairs

E - Medical Insights to Strategy

The nomination needs to be submitted online via the APMS website (see form below) under the following headings (Please limit total word-count to 250 words):

    • Title of the activity being submitted
    • Award Category you are submitting for (A, B, C, D, E)
    • What you hoped to achieve by doing this activity?
    • What you actually did?
    • What was the impact?
    • Describe any cross-functional collaboration?
    • Describe if this activity is being planned to be scaled up?
    • List of team members and company representing the nomination


    • Submissions open on 15th July 2019
    • Last date for submission 15th September 2019
    • Awards will be announced at Annual Symposium on 10th October 2019

Judging Panel will constitute of 2 members of the APMS Executive and 2 senior Medical Affairs professionals, with an intent to have diversity in the panel

Judging Criteria will be based on the following aspects:

    • Impact on patient outcomes
    • demonstration of innovation and/or digital technology
    • ability to scale up the activity to a greater geography or across industry